The pain and absence of that love has spoken and informed a lot of what we have done, what we have expereienced, and how we have expierenced it. But God is saying that even if a mother forgets, even if your parent forgets, even if they fail, He cannot. He cannot forget. He is not able to forget you.

Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me. (Isaiah 49:16)

God says, “I can’t do anything with these hands without thinking of you, without seeing your name, without you crossing My mind. I don’t act without thinking of you.”

Your walls are forever before me. Like Jerusalem, Israel is not out of His sight. You too, are never out of His sight. There’s nothing He can do where He doesn’t see you. There’s nowhere you can go where He can’t see you. There’s no time that God acts when he’s not thinking of you, when your name doesn’t cross His mind. There’s no time when you shed tears that He didn’t witness it and wasn’t grieved with you. There’s no time that you were out of His view and away from His sight.

You are not forgotten. In fact, you are unforgettable.

The God of all creation says that you are unforgettable.

You might think that you have made too many mistakes, that too many things have happened, that you can’t undo some of the things that have happened in your life, that you’ve already built your life around other things that you can’t untangle.

I want to tell you that there’s no mistake that’s been made, no sin too great, no issue you might have that’s too much for God to handle. He specializes in cases like yours. There’s no case too hard for Him.

This is the gospel. He didn’t act without thinking of you. God cannot forget you and He proved it on the cross.

– Sherin Swift