I cannot stop seeing the flame of the Lord. It’s the whitest, brightness, hotness flame. And it’s burning in our hearts.

And it’s a vehement flame. It’s His jealous love, and it is consuming.

But very specifically the Holy Spirit was saying that there are some that feel tainted by human love, worldly love. And they feel stained and they’re bearing pain. And I see this fire, this flame of God’s love.

It’s so holy. It’s such a holy love. And it’s so pure. And it’s so perfect. And it’s purifying. And it’s healing the memories and the pain. And it’s totally consuming the stain.

So that the Lord does not see you with any spot or wrinkle from anything in the past: any experience, any relationship. Any way you’ve been touched by love that wasn’t the holy love of God. Even if it was human love and the best that it could be. There is something in there, some feel that they’ve been tainted and they’ve been stained and they’re somehow not acceptable in the Beloved. In the eyes of the Beloved I see this fire burning like this flame.

It’s more jealous than the grave. It’s so vehement. And the Lord is healing, right now. And it’s going into places and spaces way back in your life. Some just yesterday. Some over a decade ago. And this flame is consuming and it is pure.

Pure, holy, perfect love.

And it’s totally consuming you. It is totally healing you. It is totally freeing you.

And so the Lord says,
“I want you to know beloved, my bride, my child, my son, I do not see any spot or wrinkle in you.
I only see through the eyes of my pure, holy, perfect love.
And you are perfect to me.
You are perfect in me.
You are perfect because of my love consuming you.”

– WorshipMob