God’s love language is trust. How does God receive love? He loves to be trusted. More than He loves to hear you sing, more than He loves when you come to church, He loves to be trusted.

We often equate love with comfort while God equates love with trust. If you look to the circumstances of your life for proof of God’s love, then you are looking for love in all the wrong places.

God’s job is outcome. Your job is process. The longer you that you think you can control outcomes in your life, the more frustration you’re going to experience in this journey of faith.

And many of us were taught starting out that faith was a way of controlling outcomes. If you pray this, then do that, then you can expect this. Everyone has a Lazarus. The Lazarus Factor is the thing in your life that made the formula fall apart. The Lazarus Factor is the thing in your life that caused you to question the very nature of faith.

Faith is rarely a form of manipulation by which we get God to keep our schedule. God will not be manipulated. God will not be moved because we get uncomfortable in a situation.

Faith is a not a means of manipulation. It is a patience with mystery. The kind of mystery that says on one hand “God can do anything”, but in that very same breath there is something in your life right now that God will not do, that you see in His word that he did for somebody else, but He has not done for you yet.

We confuse God’s love with proof in circumstantial evidence. The love of God is not always proven by the way I feel His presence. The love of God is proven by the way I deal with His perceived absence. The love of God is not only proven in the times when I thank Him for my blessings. The love of God is proven in my life when I cannot feel him but, by faith I praise Him because He is God, even when I don’t sense God, He is God.

They say you got to see it to believe it. God says you got to believe it to see it.

– Steven Furtick (John 11:1-45)