And David became greater and greater, for the Lord, the God of hosts, was with him. - 2 Samuel 5:10

“And God was with David.”

And one day I asked, “God, why are you always with David?”. And He said, “Because David was always with Me. He made time for Me. He didn’t work Me out of his schedule. He came to Me. He wasn’t trying to look so busy like ‘he made it’ that he cut me out of his life.” And He said, “That’s why I always went before David, because I had David’s heart.”

And this is why it is so important that we pray and read our word everyday.
How often do you eat physical food? Everyday.
How often should you eat spiritual food? Everyday.

When you open that Bible, it’s the one book you read, that will read you right back.

– Mike Todd